/CONCERN #114 Total Identity

The new office of approximately 1100 m2 is located on the top floor of the first office building on Steigereiland, IJburg at the base of the characteristic Enneüs Heermabrug.
The view is of great visual value to the atmosphere in the room.
The interior is designed in strong relationship with the grid of the building: The grid as "organizer." A graphic design method frequently used within the design disciplines of Total Identity.

The floor is characterized by the elongated nature of the building. The spacious work areas are all drawn toward the glass facade.
The arrangement of the various components within Total Identity is set with as much transparency and natural cohesion as possible.
A printed carpet (approximately 15 by 85 meters) is visibly starting from the creative heart of the company where the various disciplines in short and long sessions come together. A place where a case comes in and spreads out across the floor.

The design communicates the rich history of Total Identity. The interior is done in collaboration with Ahrend, who share their design history with Total Identity. Cooperation between Ahrend and Total Design, later Total Identity, is formed decades ago by including the development of the MEHES furniture concept and the development of corporate identity in the seventies. Total Identity was recently involved in repositioning Ahrend and responsible for their Co_Create NOW platform.

Project team Concern: Gilian Schrofer, Koert Broekman

Photography by Arie de Ruiter