My sister decided to move to Austria.
Ian, father of the happy bunch, bought a piece of land and started fantasizing about building his own home and additional rental apartments.
Although normally not my cup of tea, I decided to be brave and help them out with the puzzle. Trying to get the max out of the steep slope, a narrow plot, rules and regulations and functional and comfortable living requirements. Something the locals had not dare to take on.

The design process resulted in two buildings, each holding two three-story apartments. The result might look somewhat a catalogue design, but is in fact totally bespoke. This archetypal Austrian twin-'Doppelhaus' was named 'Dopplerhaus' because of the couples shared love for 'pulsing' music (i.e. frequency theory by Austrian Physicist C.A. Doppler, 1842)
A local architect prepared the building permit for us and - almost unchanged - the permit was granted.

Construction has commenced, but it might take a few years to complete:
Ian is taking this on literally with his own bare hands and budget has yet to be completed.

On site images wil be added regularly, but you can also check their instagram.

Let's go shreddin' the gnar!

(Updated: April 23, 2019)